My Kids

It's been such a long time since I've posted a picture of my kids that I thought I ought to do it; in a short and tidy little post. So here they are: my kids. This picture is only two weeks old. Often, we like to walk around the temple on a Monday night as our FHE activity. Here's hoping I get to update a little more, a little sooner than later :)


Some day...

Some day, I will begin to blog again. It isn't this day. But I'm still here. Often times running on a beautiful morning such as this! I began running more seriously six months ago and I just lost my second toe nail! I feel legit :) I have not forgotten you- please be patient with me... some day, I will catch up.


JULY Fourth!

We've made it to July! The morning after we got home, you know where to find us! The BEACH OF COURSE! And we had a wonderful time!

On the 4th of July, we had a bike parade around the flag circle at BYU-H. The kids decorated their bikes and everyone brought snacks and treats and we had a grand time :)
And it got hot- fast!
Time for some grub, in the shade!
Then we trekked to the beach with our friends...
And celebrated the birth (and freedom) of our country!
Good times :)
Baby, taking a break :)
And cupcake fights!
Then we went to Turtle Bay to eat, play some more and see the fireworks :)
3 of the cutest girls ever! Gabriella, Brylie, & Lili
See those cute girls hugging one another :)
Uncle Miah playing with the kiddos :)
A great and crazy night for Tacos Vicente :)
Happy 4th! (3 months late!) Haha :)

Mainland Trip Part Ten: The Last Days

On June 27th we spent a relaxing day back at the Hitz Home while Ryan went in to work. The kids and I played outside after being cooped up in the car ALL day the previous day on our drive back from Utah.
Family Friends, Jim & Carolyn were there visiting!
My & my baby :)
G'ma Ginger introduced the kids to a new activity :)
On June 28th we were a bit lazy...
and met our friends at Windsor Lake! (But we missed the beach!)
On June 29th we went to Denver to celebrate G'ma Ginger's birthday! We began by visiting the Butterfly Pavilion- it was awesome!
Everyone got a chance to hold a tarantula...
And then we saw...
the most AMAZING butterflies!
One landed on Hunter ;)
After that we went to the Aquarium in Denver where we saw lots of wonderful sea creatures!
Like the Green Moray Eel,
And a sea turtle,
and... a tiger?
And we got to touch sting rays... so soft!
Of course, we couldn't leave w/o our tatoos :)
That night I ran over to my parents house to look in the boxes of things I have there to see if I needed to bring back anything and I saw my wedding dress... it's tradition for me every anniversary for me to try it on and make sure it still fits. And since I couldn't this year (for my 10th anniversary) seeing as it was in Colorado, I did it this night. What do ya think?
Still fits after ten years! :)
June 30th was Ginger's birthday and we spent the morning having one last playdate with our good friends the Southams!
That night we had presents,
and cake- and said our goodbyes.
Because the next morning- for real this time- we flew home.

Mainland Trip Part Nine: UTAH

On Tuesday, June 21st, we were SUPPOSED to fly home from Colorado. IT. DIDN'T. HAPPEN.

We got checked into our flight (which surprising took a LONG time since we checked in at the curb and had First Class seats- Ryan had been upgraded.) Generally it takes about 5 minutes when checking in at the curb. But 20 minutes later we were finally on our way to security. We went through security and arrived at our gate only to find the sign reading that it was a flight (currently boarding) to Maui! MAUI? We didn't want to go to Maui- we wanted to go home- to Oahu! Anyhow, turn out that our flight had been delayed EIGHT hours. And all this happened in the 10 minutes it took to go from checking in, to security, to the gate? I don't think so. The dude that checked us in at the curb HAD to of known what was going on and couldn't tell us... anyhow, it was super annoying and we figured that with family only an hour up the road there was no way we were going to sit at the airport for 8 hours with 4 small children.

So after a few phone calls made by my savvy husband to the airline and their customer service department- for a mere $100 more we were able to extend our trip for another 10 days and stay through Ryan's mom's birthday which was June 30th!

Soooo we left the airport and went back to Ft. Collins. It was a LONG day w/o seemingly getting anywhere! We spent Wednesday, June 22nd unpacking and repacking b/c we decided at that point we would attend my family reunion in UTAH!

Thursday, June 23rd and all is quiet in the car with one on his D.S., one watching a DVD and one watching a movie on the iPad. Oh yes, and one sleeping baby. Can't all road trips be this quiet? It was heaven! For about an hour :)
Lunch in Rock Springs, WY where the kids could run around!
We got lucky and found a stray soccer ball- a Godsend!
"Yay!" We are out of the car!
Getting on the road again for another few hours...
A quick stop at Little America for ice cream, courtesy of G'pa Steve :)
We're here!! We've arrived at Thanksgiving Point where we'd spend the night!
Da Girls
Da Crazies!
Pretty Gardens
Da Fam
Awww, my cuties!
On Friday, June 24th we went to Payson Lakes in Payson, UT to spend the day with my extended family. It was FUN! We went for canoe rides...
Loved on some furry pets...
Witnessed surprises...
Hugged our family...
Ate dinner with tons of cousins...
Ate DIRT...
And had an all around great time!
My sisters and I even put together a couple of quick numbers to sing at our Talent Show! And we even won a prize- woo hoo!
I LOVE singing with my sisters! Unfortunately, we were missing my sister Emily who had to take her crazed and over tired twins home to bed :(
Da Boys.
The Gathering (for the talent show)
Tio Brett, playing with Kolea
We only spent the one day at the Reunion but it was a great day and we had a blast. It was fun to bust out the binies and heavy sweatshirts too! My mom had no idea that we didn't end up going back to Hawaii... when we showed up, Hunter found her first and walked right up saying "hi Grandma!" My mom was in complete shock and came running to find me- in tears! She was SO excited we were there. It was a good moment. :)

Saturday, June 25th we hung out with our wonderful friends, Angie & Eliot. Ever so briefly!!
And we took the kids around SLC and to our favorite pizza/gelato place- YUM!
Sunday, June 26th we headed back to Colorado by way of Vernal, UT. And we snapped a quick pic of the small temple there.
Somehow, along the way we missed a turn. We still can't quite figure out how it happened- but we ended up here... this spot before getting to Grand Lake, CO which is way out of the way... well it just takes a LOT longer to get home. Anyhow, we knew we had an adventure ahead of us! The kids were TROOPERS!
We were leaving Grand Lake and entering RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park) which we had to drive all the way through- over Trail Ridge Road- to get to the other side, in order to get home.
This is significant b/c the elevation of Trail Ridge Road is so HIGH that it is only open 2-3 months out of the year. Luckily, it was June, and OPEN!
See the wall of snow? And the deer standing on it up by those cars?
The same deer as we were driving by- so awesome!
Since we continued to ascend, we witnessed the LONGEST sunset ever! It was absolutely incredible!
Near the top of Trail Ridge Road: Elevation at it's highest point= 12,183 feet :)